Our History

2016    General Catalog 19th ed.
            Turbo Components Catalog Second ed.

2014    First Oil Feed Pipe production
            General Catalog 18th ed.
            Turbo Components Catalog First ed.

2012   New Headquarters at Ajusa Business Park
           General Catalog 17th ed.

2010    New facilities at Ajusa Business Park
            General Catalog 16th ed.

2008   Development the 2000 head gasket
           General Catalog 15th ed.

2006   Construction of the 4000 injection mold
           General Catalog 14th ed.

2004    First PEM fuel cell
            ISO16949 certificate
            General Catalog 13th ed.

2002    Production of the first camshaft
            Opening of branches in Mexico and Brazil

2000    The company is certified under ISO 14001
            Opening of the branch in Russia
            General Catalog 11th ed.

1998    Production and sale of the first hydraulic lifter
            General Catalog 10th ed.

1996    Opening of the USA branch
            General Catalog 9th ed.

1994    The company is certified under ISO 9001
            General Catalog 8th ed.

1992     Launching of the first cylinder head bolts program
             General Catalog 7th ed.

1990     New Research and Testing Center
             General Catalog 6th ed.

1988     Authorized distributors in five continents
             General Catalog 5th ed.

1986     General catalog 4th ed.

1984     First gasket sold to Volkswagen Group
             General Catalog Third ed.

1982     First gasket sold to OEM: Renault
             General Catalog Second ed.

1980     Beginning of export activities in Europe
             General Catalog First ed.

1978      Beginning of export activities in South America

1976      Move to a brand new plant and head office to Campollano industrial estate

1972      Foundation


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Turbocharger lubrication
The turbocharger requires a perfect and continuous lubrication, being the lack of it or the disrepair of the oil the main causes of failure in this device.

Ajusa receives the seal of Innovative SME

Ajusa has received a new certification which is a recognition of its innovative capacity and spirit. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness awarded to Ajusa the Innovative SME Certification, a differentiated element which reflects the firm commitment of Ajusa to Research, Development and Innovation.