Guaranteed quality

We have AENOR certificates under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 standards.

Our commitment and quality policy

Since the beginning we have had a priority goal, to provide our products with as much quality as possible whose only end is to fully satisfy our clients, presenting them always reliable products adapted to their use. It is then necessary the constant improvement of our Quality Management System.

In order to achieve all that, in our corporation we have basic principles:

  • Top management involvement in the quality improvement process.
  • Perform the quality policy at all levels in the company, fulfilling the established mandates.
  • Constant evaluation on how the development of each task, process or product can be improved, to reach excellence and the maximum quality.
  • Continuous motivation of the personnel to achieve greater responsibility in their work and in providing their internal and external customers with products which completely satisfy their needs.
  • The constant improvement of our capabilities, ss and attitudes helps us to achieve the involvement and commitment of our personnel in the corporation philosophy, so that we can achieve our goal and the greatest quality.
  • Maintenance of a continuous improvement process of our products quality aimed to achieve “zero defects” based on a constant effort on research, development and innovation.
  • Support of all actions aimed to satisfy our customers, giving priority to the development of our catalog and service in order to satisfy their needs and expectations.
  • Adoption of the most d and most appropriate technologies to each production process and production management.
  • Provide the stages of each production process with the necessary documentation in order to obtain a better control and quality assurance.
  • Establishment of prevention risk and safety techniques is one of our priorities.
  • All our resources are adjusted and adapted to the real needs of our customers and we are always prepared for any challenging situation faced in the global automotive market.

We can boast about the fact that the performance of this principles is perfectly assumed by our human team, it is implemented and constantly improved.

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The social commitment of AJUSA
Ajusa collaborates in charitable activities organized by different associations and shows their social commitment to the community.

Ajusa is OE Quality.

We work to achieve the excellence. We have AENOR certificates under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 standards. This reflects our commitment to quality and it means an additional guaranty to our clients.